CV and Interview Tips to Give You A Head Start


By Jonathan Nicholls, Talent Resourcing Executive

Have you searched online for CV writing or interview tips recently?

It seems that most companies have a page dedicated to helping you get that new job you are looking for. Whilst these websites, guides and blogs can offer advice, it’s important to remember the golden rule – there is no advice that fits every scenario, as each job you apply for is unique.

At Strategi Solutions, we think that the most important factor in a job search is you, the candidate, and your relationship with the company who is recruiting. It’s all about the ‘feeling’ you get from the process. Why? Because if you have confidence in the process, you will be confident in the interview and will make the best impressions.

Interviews and techniques

When it comes to making the best impression, interview techniques are really important. I have worked within recruitment for several years, working with candidates from graduate level to company directors. I have seen good interviews and interviews that could have been improved. I have seen amazing CVs… and CVs with a few sentences! Before we get onto CV writing tips however, let’s talk about preparing for the interview, and nerves.

Managing nerves

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has pre-interview nerves. These can range from totally nervous, to a little nervous. Here is a controversial opinion, but if you are not nervous about an interview then you might as well not go as it means that the job doesn’t excite you. If you don’t feel nervous about not being offered the job, it’s not the right job for you. So, it’s time to stop, take a step back, decide what you really want from a job and start again. A few months more in a job while you find that amazing job is better than leaving a job to go to one that isn’t right.

Back to nerves. Use these nerves to prepare. Why are you nervous, is there something about the company you don’t understand, something about the role that is unclear? If you answer your nerves, answer the questions in your prep for the interview, you will learn more about the company and when you get to the interview you will realise you know more than you thought!

Dress appropriately

This is totally dependent on the company you are interviewing for and the job itself. If you are interviewing at a design company where everyone wears jeans and a t-shirt, you are going to look out of place in a 3-piece suit. If in doubt, ask, but if you can’t ask, it’s always better to go too smart!

Prepare your questions

The most important thing you can do when preparing for an interview is to think of at least two questions to ask at the end of the interview. Asking questions about the role, company, upcoming projects or other factors will show you have an interest in the role!

CV tips

However, you will not make it to the interview stage if your CV does not do you justice. Years ago, it used to be said that your CV should not be more than 2 pages long; but as long as it is not a small novel, if you can’t fit it on 2 pages then don’t stress. Your CV should go most recent employment first; don’t use comic sans as a font, don’t lie and make it professional.

Check your spelling. Ask someone else to check it. I have seen CV’s where the candidate has helped with a ‘peace of work’ or has a ‘through attention to detail’. A CV is a personal thing. It sells and talks about you. Therefore, it is up to you how it looks and what it says.

If you need some help or guidance, in relation to your CV, or to discuss an interview, or just to have a chat over a brew, we are just a click or a phone call away! Please call Jonathan on 01782 969444 or email