Embracing the spirit of Staffordshire Day, every day


Lyn Rowe, Commercial Director


WHEN it comes to shining a spotlight on our clients and their businesses, we like to think we are pretty good at helping them to get noticed.

But our dedication to supporting the wealth of good work going on in and around Staffordshire goes far beyond office hours.

Here at Strategi Solutions we believe in sharing the benefits of our skills and experience to help spread success like butter on a hot oatcake.

And there is no better time than Staffordshire Day to celebrate the achievements of our county and its communities.

In fact, people lie at the core of everything we do – helping them to live their best life and carry out their finest achievements.

The talent we have here in Staffordshire is second to none but it’s at its strongest when working together.

And that’s where we can all step in – business to business, hand in hand.

They say behind every success is a catalogue of struggles. Part of our mission at Strategi Solutions is to help equip people with the ability to overcome barriers and accomplish great things. CEO Wendy Dean has a strong track record of inspiring changes which have led a number of businesses to triumph. She shares the lessons she has learned along the way as part of the Staffordshire LEP, the county’s chambers of commerce, Realise Foundation and the City Learning Trust, all with the aim of attracting and retaining the very best talent for this area.

Education is also a big part of our goal. Our HR Services director Rob Fisher is a governor on the corporation board at Stoke-on-Trent College, feeding back to education providers the needs and expectations of employers so students have the know-how to succeed.

And on the ground, I work to support small businesses, helping them to achieve great things with a range of support and advice. This includes working exclusively with Staffordshire-based charities and voluntary organisations, not only fundraising but opening up channels for consultation and guidance. And of course, promoting the power of spending locally.

We love being involved in such a vibrant and potential-packed community.

Staffordshire belongs to the heart of England, and our hearts belong to Staffordshire.

Together we can use our abilities in the most effective way to contribute to the very best Staffordshire there is.