The Benefits of Billboard Advertising


How many times do you travel in your car daily? Perhaps on your commute, to fetch your children from school, to do the shopping or maybe to visit friends? And now think about the number of brightly coloured, stylish billboards you see on each journey…


As consumers, we spend more time today than ever in our vehicles. According to research, the average commute in the UK is 54 minutes, which means a lot of road covered and you guessed it… a lot of billboards!


So, what are the real benefits of billboards and why are they better than other forms of advertising?


Benefits of billboard advertising

Raising the awareness of your business

If you’re looking to raise the awareness of your business fast, then billboards are a great way to reach the masses – to reach where people live, commute, work and socialise. Unlike other forms of advertising, such as TV, radio or magazines, billboards can’t be switched off or put down. When you’re driving in your car - or more than likely stuck in traffic - you can’t escape them.


Cost effectiveness

Billboard advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising out there. When advertising through other forms of media it can cost a considerable amount of your marketing budget. For example, for a two-week radio ad campaign, you can expect to pay up to £2000 and for a monthly one-page magazine advert you can pay up to £10,000.


Visually promote your product, service or event

If you’re a business with a great product, service or event to shout about, billboards are a great way to utilise strong imagery. Maybe you design and fit fantastic kitchens and bathrooms? Or maybe you’re a travel agent looking to promote a luxurious holiday abroad? Perhaps you’re an events company looking to shout about your upcoming show? Or even a car dealership looking to showcase a latest car model? Whatever you’re promoting, using stylish strong imagery is an effective way to motivate people to buy your product.


Advertise to a specific geographical area

Billboards are a great way to target your advertising to a specific geographical area. With today’s technology, there are stats readily available, so you can find where the majority of your target audience tend to be. This allows you to position your billboards where they can easily be seen by your target audience. Perhaps you’re looking to target young people and students? By positioning your billboard on travel routes, to and from universities or colleges, you are sure to reach thousands of young people who may be interested in your offering.


Big brands have proven their effectiveness

Before spending money on any type of marketing you want to be confident that it will be effective. To put your mind at ease, here are just a few big brands who are regularly using billboards to raise and maintain the awareness of their brands: EE, Sky, Nike, ASOS, IKEA, Nationwide, Renault, Thomas Cook, McDonalds, Premier Inn, First Choice and Toyota.


How Strategi can help you

Here at Strategi, we have a number of billboards in high traffic areas on the main commuter routes in and around the local area.

Our talented design team are on hand to create a fantastic look for your billboard and know just how to create an eye-catching design to grab the attention of your audience.

Unsure what’s best to promote on your billboard? Our marketing team are more than happy to assist and suggest marketing messages we feel would work for you.


Want to learn more? Please feel free to get in touch on 01782 969444 or email for more information.


Don’t fancy a billboard just yet? No problem. Why not consider one of our car park signs in the local area? All locations are close to shops, en-route to work or close to the cinema, sports or leisure facilities.