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Environmental Management Consultancy


As awareness surrounding the importance of environmental preservation continues to grow, our environmental management consulting team, headed up by Sara Pye, can work with you to ensure your business is environmentally friendly.

We specialise in setting up environmental management systems which reduce environmental impacts and increase your operating efficiency. Our environmental consultants help you look for ways to continually improve your environmental performance, through consistent control of your operations.


There are many ways your business can be environmentally responsible. For example, you can:

  • Reduce your energy usage (e.g. changing energy intensive processes)
  • Use products that have less environmental impact (e.g. changing chemicals in manufacturing processes)
  • Ensure your suppliers are also environmentally responsible

The Benefits of Running an Environmentally Friendly Business


Making your business environmentally friendly not only helps to save the planet but also benefits your business. It can…

  • Reduces costs
  • Sets you apart from your competitors
  • Improves corporate reputation
  • Strengthens engagement with key stakeholders
  • Attracts investors

Find out more about ISO 14001 – Commitment to Environmental Management accreditation here.



Are you looking to make your staff more environmentally aware?

Here at Strategi, we offer environmental awareness courses to improve your employees’ awareness. Let’s chat!

Call Sara today on 01782 969444 or email to learn more about our services.